Sujit Choudhry Concerning Catalonia’s Independence

In November of 2017, Sujit Choudhry and a number of other leading constitutional experts wrote letters to both the Catalan and Spanish government about an issue in Catalonia both governments needed to immediately address. The letter to Catalan pleaded with its President Puigdemont to be clear with Spain about Catalans intention to secede from Spain. It also said the government of Catalonia really needed to get its citizens to vote on an independence referendum since it is deeply suspected that this is much more something its government wants than what the people want, follow reading here om (

Although the constitutional experts suspect that the people of Catalonia don’t want full independence from Spain, they believe they would be open to alternatives. To the Spanish government, they pled with its Prime Minister Rajoy to acquiesce to the stated with of the people. The experts are clear with both governments that they strongly believed a clear understanding and communications is imperative between the two countries concerning this topic, refer to The already tense relations between the two countries got even worse this past October 1 when Spain showed brute force to keep Catalan from voting on a referendum concerning its independence.

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It was the brute force used to stop the referendum that raised the alarm of international constitutional experts. They are universal in the belief that such an action is a gross violation of constitutional rights, click to know more. In addition, if Spain continues to do so, it will definitely be a human rights violation. Furthermore, Spain’s harsh action’s are undermining democracy in both Catalan and Spain. Yes, things have looked very bad recently, but it looks like there might be light coming up. As a result of the letter, President Puigdemont has decided it is best to have a closer dialogue with the Spanish government before deciding to announce his country’s independence.

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