Sunday Riley Introduces Skin Care in a Friendly Manner

Sunday Riley is a skin care company that was founded by a woman named Sunday Riley. Sunday Riley developed the brand because she’s a cosmetic chemist and product formulation. She noticed with her work that there were too many ineffective products on the market. Sunday Riley took a few years to develop her products to be truly effective and helpful.

Her efforts paid off and while her skin care products are on the pricier side of the spectrum, her products have been fully prepared to help you see real results with your skin care. Their products will really work for you. Even after initial formulations, the company continues to change and reformulate products when they need to. They have recently redesigned some of their products and reformulated some as well. This is proof that they are even more effective of a choice for skin care based on their efforts to always improve.

The company recently put some work into their packaging by designing more of the bottles to be in friendly colors. One of those products was their Luna Sleeping Night Oil which contains retinol. The product comes in a bottle that is blue and has a inky blue color to it. Many women say that the way the Luna Sleeping Night Oil is packaged makes retinol seem less intimidating. Retinol is a good skin care product for anyone who wants to have a higher collagen production rate in their skin. This reduces signs of aging and keeps skin pigmentation clear and healthy. Most skin care products that do contain retinol have a very clinical look. They resemble a boring and sterile prescription bottle from the pharmacy. Sunday Riley ensures that none of their bottles are designed that way. They want women to be drawn to their products and to be excited to use them.

Purchase Riley’s products from their online store and anywhere else that carries the line of skin care.

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