Talk Fusion orking with HuffPost on Rebranding

Talk Fusion was the first company to offer all-in-one video marketing solutions. The business helps companies stand out from the rest in their unique ways, grab the attention of consumers, increase their sales, and enhance their customer retention rate. TFusion as founded by Mr. Bob Reina who is the Chief Executive Officer of the corporation.



Bob Reina used to work in law enforcement. The idea for his company came to him when he was on vacation and had taken a vast number of photos and made many videos for his parents. When he tried to send them via e-mail, it did not work out at all because of the size of the files and the small capacity of the e-mail. Considering his parents were not tech-savvy no other service would work for them. Bob Reina identified what was needed and he was sure many others have run into the same problem at least ones.



The company evolved over the years. Now, Talk Fusion provides businesses with many dynamic ways to enhance their marketing and make it more engaging and memorable, and able to drive sales. Talk Fusion has a large team of Independent Associates who market the products person-to-person. The company is global and works in more than 140 countries around the world. Clients can take advantage of the 30 days Free Trial before they decide if they want to pay for the services after the free trial. No credit card is required to use the 30 days free trial of Talk Fusion.



CEO Bob Reina established Talk Fusion in 2007. The company fosters ob Reina’s commitment to the community and his desire to give back. Because of that, some animal charities can use the full extent of the Talk Fusion services completely free of charge.



In 2017, Talk Fusion worked closely with HuffPost on the company’s rebranding. CEO BobReina published two articles to the HuffPost as well. The first one was on promoting and how to do it with purpose and the second piece gave advice on how to thrive even if everyone around is a quitter. Bob Reina has contributed to HuffPost many times. He started in August 2016, writing about self-development, trends in marketing and video tech, skillful selling, entrepreneurship, and so on.



The rebrand of HuffPost has the goal of expanding the conversation and o bring in those who have been left out of it. The new HuffPost will share the stories of those people and all they could teach others. Talk Fusion CEO BobReina said hat the new direction of HuffPost aligns with the values of the CEO and the direction of his business. HuffPost has almost 200 million readers, and Reina believes they will enjoy the new course as well. Learn more: