Talos Energy Transformation to Greatness

Talos Energy is a company that mines and processes oil and gas. For its work, it has acquired property both on land and in the sea. The company was founded by its CEO Timothy Duncan in the year 2012.as of now; the headquarters are based in Huston, Texas. Working in collaboration with Timothy to make the company more successful Stephen E.Heitzman, Michael Harding and John Parker. After years of being in the market, Talos Energy finally started selling its shares in the stock exchange. They started selling their shares after they closed their merger with Stone Energy, a gas and oil company based in Louisiana USA. The merger was closed after a discussion with the board members.

During the merge, there were a couple of agreements that they had to sign off on. One was that 63% of the company belongs to Talos Energy and Stone Energy would own the rest of 37%. The second agreement was that the company would change its name to Talos Energy Inc. the starting market capital for Talos Energy Inc. was $1.9 billion and a market value of $2.5 billion. Talos Energy Inc. is expected to provide its financial statements and operational guidance after the closing of the merge. Timothy Duncan says that the company’s decision to trade in stock exchange will not only benefit them but also its investors.

It is also moving its working place from one Allen center to three Allen center due to the need of extra working space. It is also a step towards the company expanding its horizons. The company now sits on an area of 98,000 square foot. This is also an advantage to the owners of the building, Brookfield, as it now has remaining space of 6%.

Brookfield has been planning for a while to do renovations on all its property starting with Allen centers. It has set aside $48.5 million for this renovation since June 2016. By this year October, the company had a lawn space that could hold a meeting of 1500 people. It has also made renovations to the Allen lobby where there are no glass walls and a magnificent wall art by Tokujin Yoshioka.

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