The Rise and Growth of OSI Group McDonalds

The OSI Group McDonalds has always gotten recognition as one of the largest food providers. Having 65 facilities with 20,000 employees across 17 countries. It made history in the American economy during the 20th century continuing to date in the globalized modern economy.About OSI Group McDonalds began with simple background by an immigrant, Otto Kolschowsky in 1909.Otto Kolschowsky, who was a German immigrant decided to move to Chicago, Illinois as the city contained at least a quarter of Germans. In 1914, the town also thrived, Carl Sandburg describing it as “City of the Big Shoulders. Stacker of Wheat ….” In 1928, the family ran business expanded moving to a Chicago suburb, Maywood and rebranded to Otto and Sons.

After the second world war, the business found new business opportunities as people were willing to spend and innovativeness unleashed. A business alliance emerged between Ray Kroc and the Otto family. Ray, who was Richard and Maurice McDonald’s franchise agent at the time, 1940, for their restaurant in San Bernardino, California made a handshake agreement with the Otto family. In 1955 they opened the first McDonald’s restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois. Ray, later bought the company from Arthur and Harry, the sons of Otto Kolschowsky, becoming its CEO of the modern day OSI Group McDonalds.The major challenge Ray had with the company during its expansion was the consistency in quality of products.

Improvement in technology in the late 1960s made it possible for the OSI Group McDonalds to achieve their objective. McDonald core product, hamburgers, were made affordable, consistent and consumer-driven, able to last longer over long distances. The company has since increased its products to include Meat, Poultry & Other (MPO).OSI Group has also put efforts in purchasing other food related companies and its competitors over the past few years. Companies like UK-based Flagship Europe was acquired in 2017 by the OSI Group and rebranded to Creative Foods Europe. Additionally, the OSI Group McDonalds takes participation in not only good quality in products for users but also environmental health. Most of its companies having a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certifications.