The Unique Organo Gold

Founded in 2008, Organo Gold, a global company, offers customers premium quality products featuring items needed for daily life. The company also caters to those who have a desire for healthy living, and those who have goals for boosting health energy and energy through wise daily decisions. This awareness guides the development of products, and takes consumers beyond ordinary choices to offer unique possibilities.Organo Gold offers a multitude of beverages, including coffee, flavored drinks, and teas. Single serve beverage products are also available. For instant coffee lovers, trying Organo’s King of Coffee is a must.

With a commitment to health benefits as well as taste, the Gourmet Organic King of Coffee contains Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Powder, which is an excellent source of nutrients and antioxidants. Not only is Gourmet Organic King only the instant coffee to offer this benefit, but the rich flavor and aroma of its arabica roast far exceeds the ordinary cup of coffee.Organo Gold has quite a few options for the tea lover as well. Both green and red teas are available, and just as with their coffees, extra health benefits are included.

The teas are rich in antioxidants naturally, but with the addition of Ganoderma, the drink becomes a powerful boost to the immune system. In addition, consumers love the flavor choices.Recently, Organo Gold celebrated being in business for ten years with a Las Vegas weekend. Leaders and employees came together to honor this milestone. CEO andFounder, Bernado Chua extended his thanks to all members of the team for their part in the accomplishment. Outstanding employees were honored for their achievements with plaques and trophies. Video and pictures of the high energy event displayed the family atmosphere of the company and the pride of each member to be a part of Organo Gold.


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Conveniently packed in single serve sachets, now it’s easier than ever to sample the OGX FENIX™ Shakes. #TASTEtheGOLD #X4Ever

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