Vinod Gupta: Philanthropist And Benefactor Of Education


Vinod Gupta started in a small town in India and grew into a self-made multi-millionaire. This journey started with his father, who was a physician and passed on the importance of education. As a young man, Gupta studied agricultural engineering at Indian Institute of Technology.

Vinod Gupta then pursued his master’s degree in the same field from University of Nebraska at Lincoln. While working at Commodore Corporation after graduation, he realized the extensive database he was compiling would be heavily sought after and used it to start his first successful company that he sold for $500 million twenty years later. He would later reprise this role continuing to grow the business until he, again, sold it for $680 million.

Lately, he set up a Database101j. A new database for salespeople. His biggest objective is to keep working. He is motivated by poverty and the messy lifestyle he was brought up in during the early days of his life and he seeks to help people acquire better lives.

As Gupta’s success continues in the business world, he finds ways to give back. Gupta has made it his mission to find opportunities to provide education to those who may not have the opportunity otherwise. One such opportunity was his $1 million contribution to the development of the women’s polytechnic school, Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic.

This school focuses on teaching technology to independent Indian women. He has also set up a girls’ school in his hometown, as part of his advocacy to Women’s Education; knowing that young girls do not have the same opportunities in education as young boys. Gupta donated $2 million to Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, to develop the Vinod Gupta School of Management. Find More Information Here.

This is a business school with a focus on IIT and is one of the top business schools within India. He went on to set up a $500,000 scholarship for minority students entering science or engineering programs at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. Vinod Gupta aims for this scholarship to be awarded to those with limited educational opportunities such as himself. Gupta has already donated over $50 million to educating others.


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